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Energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a building’s energy usage to identify opportunities for energy conservation and cost savings. An energy audit cell is a dedicated team or department responsible for conducting energy audits for buildings, factories, and other facilities.

Energy audits are crucial for several reasons, including:

Cost Savings: An energy audit helps identify areas of energy waste and inefficiency, enabling organizations to make targeted improvements that can lead to significant cost savings.

Energy Conservation: Energy audits provide a detailed understanding of a building’s energy consumption patterns, which can help organizations develop effective energy conservation strategies.

Environmental Impact: By reducing energy usage, organizations can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

Regulatory Compliance: Energy audits can help organizations ensure compliance with energy efficiency regulations and standards.

Improved Comfort: Energy audits can also identify opportunities to improve occupant comfort, such as reducing drafts and improving insulation.

In summary, an energy audit cell is essential for organizations looking to reduce their energy usage, save costs, comply with regulations, and improve their environmental impact.


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Awareness program about Energy Management and Auditing

An awareness program has been arranged for all students of Electrical Department about the importance reducing energy wastage and need for conserving it foe future. Basic concepts of energy management and energy auditing also was discussed.

Training and Placement Cell

A fully-fledged Training & Placement Cell is working towards better opportunities for its students and bridges the gap between prospective employer and candidate.