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college code MBI
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college code MBI

Computer Science and Engineering


Name of Faculty
Students Involved
Name of Project
Name of Faculty: Ms. Bonia Jose
Students Involved: Jerry Vincent
Muhammed Fardeen
Savio Basil Saju
Umarul Farooque M S
BlockChain Based Quinsurancechain
Name of Faculty: Mr. Angel M Eldhose
Students Involved: Febin Biju
Hiran K M
Midhun Mathew
Roshan Santhosh
Sewer Defect Detection
Name of Faculty: Ms. Teena Skaria
Students Involved: Arjun saji
Basil Pappy Roy
Basil Varghese
Geevarghese S Issac
Name of Faculty: Dr. Suji Pramila
Students Involved: Anna Thampi
Ann Mary Binu
Elson Varghese
Kevin Joseph
Inappropriate Content Detection and Classification
Name of Faculty: Dr. B Radhakrishnan
Students Involved: Allen P Binoy
Ashwin Biju
Daniel p Jhon
Eric Joji
A Multimodal Event-driven LSTM Model for Stock Prediction Using Online News
Name of Faculty: Ms. Mintu Thomas
Students Involved: Aleena Anil
Anishka Susan Giby
Anusree PS
Nandana B
Name of Faculty: Mr. Midhun Mathew
Students Involved: Akhil Sabu
Cinta Shaji
Dorothy Sisro Shajan
Sidharth Sarju
Pre-trained Machine Learning Model for Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)
Name of Faculty: Ms. Nisreen M Ali
Students Involved: Ahila George
Basil Eldhose
Dhivina Giji
Rida Mariya Rajan
Name of Faculty: Ms. Nisreen M Ali
Students Involved: Abin Thankachan
Aleena Eldhose
Navneeth Krishna A
Parvathy Raj
Name of Faculty: Mr. Angel M Eldhose
Students Involved: Abhinav P.A
Febin Tiju
Jeffin Jolly
Muhammad Rafi
Phishing Website Detection using Ensemble Method
Name of Faculty: Ms. Minnu Elizabeth Ittan
Students Involved: Abhijith M
Jesvin Denny
Jomin Varghese
Vyshakh B
Smart Driving Assistant

Training and Placement Cell

A fully-fledged Training & Placement Cell is working towards better opportunities for its students and bridges the gap between prospective employer and candidate.