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mentoring – MBITS
Admission hotline : +91 9061063801 / 0485 2837801
college code MBI
Admission hotline : +91 9061063801 / 485 2837801
college code MBI

Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty mentors play a crucial role in mentoring graduates. Students and their mentors share responsibility for ensuring productive and rewarding mentoring relationships. Both parties have a role to play in the success of mentoring. For graduate students, a mentor is someone who serves as a guide throughout their institutional training. They provide both professional and personal advice to the students. They further give constructive feedback on writing, teaching and other elements of career design. They can serve to help students balance professional goals with their personal lives or give emotional encouragement during challenging times.



  • To create a sense of oneness among students with the institution.
  • To identify and mitigate psychology societal and other issues faced by students and coursed there or refer them to experts for remedy.
  • To make the students be self-aware of their strengths and weekness and take necessary remedial action.


  • Meet the group of students at least twice a month.
  • Maintain a mentor-mentee detail progressive record of the student.
    Keep contact details of students and parents.
  • Continuously monitor, counsel, guide and motivate the students in all academic pursuits
  • Advises students in their career development/professional guidance.
List of Students & Mentors

First Year


Second Year


Third Year


Four Year


Training and Placement Cell

A fully-fledged Training & Placement Cell is working towards better opportunities for its students and bridges the gap between prospective employer and candidate.