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Mechanical Engineering

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Design and Fabrication of Low Cost FFD 3DPrinter in Enclosed System And Analysis of Optimum Atmosphere Temperature

Advancements in additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D and 4D printing, also referred to as Additive Manufacturing. The influence of external interferences like atmosphere temperature and foreign particles can affect the quality of the 3D printed parts. So the aim of this project is to create an enclosed Fusion Filament Deposition (FFD) printer that can print in almost any type of environment by altering the chamber’s temperature with the help of a semi-automatic temperature regulation system. The printer has a maximum print volume of 40×40×40 cm. In order to provide visibility and minimal heat transmission from the chamber, the frame is made of steel and covered with 5 mm thick polycarbonate sheet. The printer is calibrated after design for the optimum quality. A temperature-controlled printing system was used to test and study how changing the chamber temperature affected the mechanical properties of 3D printed PLA and ABS specimens that were developed in Autodesk and converted to G-code format using Ultimaker Cura Software.

Team members :

  1. Giss Shaju – Student, S8 ME, MBITS, Kothamangalam, Kerala, India
  2. Harikrishan VS -Student, S8 ME, MBITS, Kothamangalam, Kerala, India
  3. Anandu V T – Student, S8 ME, MBITS, Kothamangalam, Kerala, India
  4. Eldhose Joy – Student, S8 ME, MBITS, Kothamangalam, Kerala, India
  5. Jikku George Kuruvilla -Assistant Professor, ME Department, MBITS ,Kothamangalam, Kerala, India

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