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college code MBI


Lab Facilities

This course introduces a basic step towards program writing and develops the logical ability and problem-solving skill using Python Programming Language. Students will be able to do testing and debugging of code written in Python.
Technologies used:
Text Editor, IDE (PyCharm, PyDev etc.), Code Analysis Tools etc.

With a dynamic learn-by-doing focus, this laboratory course encourages the students to explore the designing of web application by implementing the relevant and recent techniques. This course challenges the students to exercise their creativity in both programming and designing.

Technologies used:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP framework (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP etc.), XAMP server, mySQL

This is the companion course of 20MCA105 Advanced Data Structures and provides the students hands-on experience of the advanced data structures which will boost up the knowledge and confidence of students in applying these techniques while dealing with real life computing problems. It involves review of basic data structures (Array, List, Stack, Queue, Trees) and detailed study of advanced data structures (Sets, Heaps, B Trees, Red Black Trees), Graph Traversal techniques, Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Algorithms etc.

Technologies used:
C Programming

Training and Placement Cell

A fully-fledged Training & Placement Cell is working towards better opportunities for its students and bridges the gap between prospective employer and candidate.