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Professional Associations


17 September, 2022

The NSS volunteers from the college attended a one-day NSS Camp under the supervision of NSS Programme Officer Shiju Ramachandran. This one-day NSS camp was organised at the college campus on September 17th, 2022, and all NSS volunteers from both the units (227 & 571), participated in the camp enthusiastically.

  • PROGRAM -1

The opening ceremony was started at 4:30 PM by NSS Song, and the gathering was welcomed by Shiju Ramachandran (Programme Officer).  Then Shiju Sir gave us a brief introduction to the NSS fundamentals and discussed the importance of learning the NSS clap and hymn.

  • PROGRAM -2

The Regional Coordinator, ASJKTO Dr. Jai. M. Paul, then led an orientation class from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM regarding what is NSS, how it functions, what its benefits are, its heirarchy, etc.

  • PROGRAM -3

The SCMS Programme Officer Sujai K,  led an ice-breaking session and discussed the value of working as a team, group dynamics, leadership, responsibility, volunteering, etc. Each and every student enthusiastically engaged in the session. Following that, they held a meeting and cultural events that finished at 12:00 AM.

  • PROGRAM -4

At 7:30AM, every volunteer arrived at the assembly and practised the fundamental NSS parade movements that Abison and Prathula had demonstrated and camp came to end. The program’s overall cost was $ 2000. The success of the event was attributed to the involvement of all NSS volunteers and programme officers.


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