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Admission hotline : +91 9061063801 / 485 2837801
college code MBI


Professional Associations

IDEATHON, an idea pitching competition

27 May, 2023

IDEATHON, an idea pitching competition, was organized by the IEEE SPS Chapters of MACE, MBITS, and SNGCE in collaboration with IEEE SPS

Kerala Chapter as a part of INCEPTION. The event took place from May 24, 2023, to June 4, 2023.The competition aimed to provide a platform for participants to showcase their innovative ideas and pitch them to a panel of judges.

The competition consisted of two rounds. In the preliminary round, participants were required to submit their abstracts through Google Forms. These abstracts contained a brief description of their ideas and their potential impact. After reviewing the submissions, the organizing committee shortlisted 7 candidates to proceed to the final round.


Training and Placement Cell

A fully-fledged Training & Placement Cell is working towards better opportunities for its students and bridges the gap between prospective employer and candidate.