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Professional Associations

Decode the Signals – Technical Quiz Competition

31 May, 2023

The “Decode the Signals” technical quiz competition was organized as part of the SPS WEEK celebration, by IEEE SPS SBC MACE, IEEE SNGCE SB, and IEEE MBITS SB in collaboration with IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter. This online competition aimed to assess participants’ knowledge in the domains of AI/ML, IoT, and signal processing.

The quiz took place on May 31 from 7:00PM to 8:00 PM, utilizing the Quizzizz platform. With active participation from 11 individuals, the competition attracted students from various colleges who were eager to showcase their skills and expertise.

After a successful and competitive event, the winners were announced. Ashlin from MACE secured the first position, displaying an impressive understanding of the subjects. Sreevishnu S from GECT emerged as the first runner-up, while Adithyan from St. Antony’s HSS Pala claimed the second runner-up position. Their exceptional performances reflected their knowledge and competence in AI/ML, IoT, and signal processing.


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