Admission hotline : +91 9061063801 / 0485 2837801
college code MBI
Admission hotline : +91 9061063801 / 485 2837801
college code MBI

AICTE Approvals

AICTE approval is required for engineering colleges in India to ensure that the colleges meet the standards set by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which is the regulatory body for technical education in India. AICTE approval is mandatory for colleges to offer technical courses in engineering and technology, and without it, the degrees and diplomas offered by the college may not be recognized by the government or employers. The AICTE approval process involves an evaluation of the college’s infrastructure, faculty, courses, and programs to ensure that they meet the minimum standards set by the AICTE. The AICTE also evaluates the college’s financial and administrative capabilities to ensure that it can provide high-quality education to students.

Training and Placement Cell

A fully-fledged Training & Placement Cell is working towards better opportunities for its students and bridges the gap between prospective employer and candidate.